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Blockchain Networks

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Case Studies


    Co-operative News – Established in 1871, Co-operative News is published by Co-operative Press Ltd, an independent registered co-operative society
    CoMetrics – enables independent businesses, cooperatives and nonprofit organizations to harness the power of data to transform their performance and impact – a global library cooperative, supports thousands of libraries in making information more accessible"

Financial / Credit Unions

    Bank of the Commons – Global and Cooperatively Owned Banking system. Supports Cryptocurrencies and Fiat. Is developing Blockchain based credit system without interest. – Credit unions partnering for blockchain development – provides services to over 178 credit unions in 22 states plus Washington, D.C., representing 2 million credit union members and $21.5 billion in credit union assets



Misc – Retail Co-op which make living more sustainably easier by researching and selling eco-friendly, member-test, and better life cycle household products – A worker co-op that "develops online collaborative tools to help team work better together – a group of independent divers who – believe it or not – actually love the hard, dirty and often dangerous work of retrieving the millions of golf balls lost each year – Registered Coop/Genossenschaft offering webhosting and a shared IT infrastructure. Owners are workers and customers.
    YieldPoint÷с – Through CHS YieldPoint™, our precision agriculture program can help you tighten productivity and get a jump on higher yields with pinpoint accuracy

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