Regen Network
Regen DAO still under developent
Blockchain of ecological health. Toolkit including data and protocols for understanding of the state of the planet’s ecology.
These are plans for Regen DAO. It is not yet deployed.

Purpose of governance system

  • Determining the 50 Validator Nodes.
  • Upgrades and changes to core blockchain
  • Payout and distribution of staking (governance) tokens.
100% of the block rewards and fees accruing to these DAOs will be distributed by the vote of the DAOs to projects deemed important for that constituency’s use of the network.

Technology used

  • Manual airdrop of voting tokens, based on partnerships with member organizations.
  • Cosmos, not implemented yet.
  • Off-chain communications and discussion among the tools.

Reason we chose that technology

  • Similar system to what we conceptualized.

Governed objects and mechanisms

  • Distribution of staking tokens will go initially to 3 community staking tools of the participants in the network.
  • Freedom for each community pool to establish its own DAO or voting mechanism as they want. Some pools may vote as a block (for example, if they are made up of farmers or non-tech people).
  • Groups themselves determined how the tokens are staked, and who gets to join the community.
  • Stakeholders in Regen include Land Stewards, Science Community Members, Developers and Engineers.
  • Locked Tokens: the initial tokens cannot be transferred from the address. They can be delegated to any validator address and can be used in on-chain voting.
  • Block rewards and fees can be re-staked or distributed according to each DAO’s internal governance.
  • It will be the role of Regen Foundation to ensure that each constituency is engaged to form the DAOs and design their internal governance structure.


Not yet deployed.
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