Kleros governance of a DAO for Dispute resolution

Purpose of governance system:

Two governance systems:
  • Built-in jury system for dispute resolution (not described here)
  • Governance of the code base / the system itself

Technology used

  • Communications: Offchain forum
  • Voting: Aragon
  • Enforcement: Developing proprietary system to convert “human language” decisions to code, so that they will be able to auto execute.
  • Dispute resolution: Proprietary Kleros

Reason we chose that technology

  • Aragon was the available technology at that time.

Governed objects and mechanisms:

  • Code changes
  • Anyone can make a proposal. Usually the proposals are not subject to much discussion, because they are technical in nature and most of the community doesn’t care
  • When a proposal comes for voting, Kleros issues 1 voting token for each Kleros token. This way it is one-token-one-vote, but people do not have to stake or withdraw their Kleros tokens. These one-time tokens are good only for the specific proposal voting for which they were issued.
  • The issuance of the voting token is done in a transparent way, so that the tokens are issued, but the user doesn’t see them as tokens. Users just vote on the proposal.
  • Proposals are in human language. Kleros is developing tools that will allow for conversion of human-described decisions into code that can auto-execute.