Giveth: Unicorn and Reward DAC
Giveth DAO Learnings
Giveth funding mechanism for Decentralized Altruistic Communities (DAC)
Giveth is evolving as one of the components of Commons Stack. Giveth ran a number of these different DAC organizations and moved forward in its understanding of the space for DAOs, or DAC (Decentralized Altruistic Communities).
  • Communications: Riot, porting to Telegram
  • Funding: Giveth

Reward DAO

The Reward DAO was designed to utilize 4 different types of tokens to indicate different types of contribution. Communications, Social Coding, dApp, and Governance indicated the different kinds of contributions that people made in the DAO. The shortcoming of this reward system was that everyone could randomly distribute tokens to one another to show their appreciation, and there was no standard measure. One person might give 4 tokens and someone else might give 400, so the moderators needed to normalize that. The result of the experiment was that Commons Stack is back to 1 form of reputation.

Unicorn DAC

The Unicor DAC distributed agency over funds to the members. Every member had the agency to give $600 to their charity of choice. The shortcoming of this DAC was that all money came from one centralized source, and there was a sentiment that the contributions ought to align with what that funder wanted. The result of this experiment was the work that Commons Stack is doing on self-funding DAOs and Bonding Curves.
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