Governance of a group of connected community DAOs for self-sufficient business
Self-sufficient communities in decentralized federation of DAOs. Decentralized cooperatives.

Purpose of governance system:

    Still in modelling stages
    Community decision making
    Design of the system itself
    Code work and rewards
    Allocation of funds

Technology used

    Communication: Telegram and email. Plan to migrate to Discord
    Task management: Trello and Tasko. Testing Lumio, Crabgrass and collectiveone
    Voting: Testing DAOstack and Aragon
    Planned deployment on RSK rather than ETH

Reason we chose that technology

Not chosen yet

Governed objects and mechanisms:

    Collaborative decision-making. Each cooperative in the DAO federation is independent.
    Requires reputation, called “Love” as well as internal Labor token. Reputation is based on assessment of the community of the care work done in the community, not clear how to translate to other reputation models in DAO governance.
    Love is non-transferrable and non-sellable, and represents your voting power in the system.
    Voting token is under development, to be used with DAO tech.
    Proposal making is still informal and comes primarily from 2 groups (translation group and think tank group
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