BrightID is a self-sovereign ID solution based on social graphs
Decentralized SSI solution based on people’s social graphs.

Purpose of governance system

  • Distribution of funds for code development.
  • Decisions on how to vote on Aragon DAO proposals.
  • (Future) Investment of funds in other projects
  • (Future) Acceptance of new members to the DAO?

Technology used

Identification: One-token-one-vote, Aragon address, Keybase allows verification
Communications: Keybase
Voting: Aragon

Reason we chose that technology

  • We are part of Aragon NEST, so we used that. Prior to Aragon, we used Giveth, but that required one signatory (CEO) to approve every transaction. We wanted to move away from a situation where one person had that much power. We also needed to manage tokens in ANT, and Giveth was limited to ETH and DAI.
  • Keybase allows us to restrict membership and validate members of the discussion group.

Governed objects and mechanisms:

  • Development budget
  • Currently, only the development team is participating (6 people) but it will be expanded as others make a request to be in the team.
  • Proposals are forwarded by teams.
  • People campaign for their proposals on the Telegram.
  • Voting is based on a simple majority, weighted by the number of tokens owned (1-token-1-vote)
  • Automatic execution of funding (based on Aragon’s buit-in mechanisms) upon proposal approval.
Currently have a central DAO managing the main budget, but also the teams are divided into sub-teams for self management of their own budgets in the future. Right now those “nests” are not active, but the idea is a hierarchical system of a main DAO and sub-DAOs


  • Addition of dApps on Aragon allows expanded functionality. Pando is one of the dApps the team is considering.
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