Aragon Network will be the first community governed decentralized organization whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction, an online decentralized court system that isn’t bound by traditional artificial barriers such as national identity or the borders of a single country. Built on Ethereum.

History & key events

Objects of governance


Aragon Network is stewarded by the Aragon Association, Swiss registered non-profit entity. Executive director is Stefano Bernardi. Luis Cuende & Jorge Izquierdo (founders) are on the board of directors. It controls the pool of funds raised through the token sale and private rounds (Placeholder, Boost VC etc). It controls ~18% of undistributed ANT (governance tokens). Here's the list of current holders to check the distribution.
The management of funds recently became governed through the AGP process (described below) where token holders vote for or against specific decisions (not only funds dedication). Association keeps open multisig balance and operations, provides regular reports on the funds' usage. It formed the Manifesto to guide the values for further platform development and governance.
The initial development team is formed as a separate entity Aragon One (Switzerland based), which requests yearly budgets from the Association. It provides regular updates on the roadmap and performance.


Aragon Governance Proposals (AGPs) are documents that propose changes to the governance of the Aragon project. The process is described in the AGP-1 approved on November 2018. It had support level of 99.97%, however only 2.6% of token holders participated in the decision. AGPs are openly submitted and tracked via the github repository. Voting on AGPs takes place quarterly.
Aragon Network vote 1 got 8 AGPs approved and 4 rejected (some postponed to the next vote). Aragon Network vote 2 was a bit more controversial. 6 AGPs were approved and 3 rejected, one of which (AGP-37) was massively influenced by one whale (from 82% for to 66% against).

Nest & Flock programs

Aragon Nest is a grants program to support the development of the Aragon ecosystem, started at April 2018. It uses GitHub to create and track funding proposals (e.g. requests for apps or features) and requests for funding (specific teams requesting approved proposals). Max size of the application is $150k in DAI + smaller success bonus, based on the results of delivery. At the time of writing, decisions were made by the Aragon Association with the intent to move it to the community vote at some point of time.
The goal of the program is to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions and applications around Aragon.‌
  • Proposals (issues):
    • 48 (9 proposals by the Aragon One team)
      • Approved: 20
      • Rejected: 27
      • TBD: 1 (not included in chart)
  • Requests for funding (PRs):
    • 34
      • Approved: 14
      • Rejected: 16
      • TBD: 4 (not included in chart)
Aragon Flock is a bigger than Nest program for long-term support of Aragon teams (One, Black, Autark) that develop core parts of the ecosystem. Distribution of this grants goes through the AGP process.
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