Purpose: Improve the efficiency of the network governance through the research
    How should we govern networks (e.g. Ethereum)? Principles of decentralization, (crypto)law, self-organization etc
    What tools produce best results? On-chain + soft practices, decision making, execution, dispute resolution, radical markets etc
    How are current networks governed. Upsides and downsides of different gogvernance models. Update the Governance family tree: Ethereum, MakerDAO, Cardano, Grin, Bitcoin, Polkdadot, Cosmos, Decred, MolochDAO governance case studies. Development on existent governance case studies though deeper analytics and interviews with network stakeholders.
    What are most relevant problems for networks
    Decreasing the governance costs (0%)
    Making better decisions
    Funding public goods
    Increasing the amount and quality of interactions
    Improve org experience
    How to make collaborative strategies
    Dgov Adoption
    Research: Increase the probability and speed of consensus on protocol changes
      Identifying the tensions
      Creating proposals
      Collecting the signals on the proposals
    Is it better? when?
    What can be automated? What should be automated?
    What is hardcoded, what is in templates?
    How to make it better?
    How to raise more awareness and adoption?
    How to incentivize people to collaborate, rather then fork-off? How to overcome our competitive nature?
    What would the onboarding process will look like? How to make it easy? (rather wrong and easy, than hard)
    How to make this applicable for humans? – Grace works
    How to optimize the process of proposing? – Grace works
    How do we get the best, most inclusive solutions and honor everybody in the process? – Grace works
    How do we stop thinking in "either/or" way?

Networks Foundations

Network Foundations (Ethereum Foundation, Internet Foundation, Decentralized Identity Foundation). Network is a type of organization focused on connecting members for collaboration and opportunities exchange.
    Conduct researches on the topics
    Research: Funding public goods
    Partner with ISSDG

Decision making + Signaling



Collect market data

    Regular Open workshops/groups in the ecosystem and community
      Create Partnerships work (monthly working group call or else for more efficient research) #Governance (advisors, experts) Crash test / Ideation
    Collect / Monthly review grant programs, hackathons, incubators / accelerators
    (+Help scholars, ask them to help us with wiki etc)

Receive funding

    Aragon Nest & Flock – Aragon Nest was launched to support projects building fundamental tools and infrastructure, largely around Aragon and Ethereum.
    Moloch – A community DAO focused on funding Ethereum development, in the name of Moloch the God of Coordination Failure
    EF & EFC
    Commons Stack

Align with the market

Coops / DAOs




Policies (WIP)

    Public Domain
    Peer review
    Vote for the researches
    Find sponsors on specific researches
Donate even after the research is done‌
Track projects:‌
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User journey



Purpose: coordinate to create consistency in the final report, avoid overlapping or underrepresentation of some topics or thoughts.
Kanban board (discontinued)
    Review/Request edits of materials by authors
    Managing the Scope of the report
    Assignments (matching) of chapter/author
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