Purpose: Improve the efficiency of the network governance through the research

  • How should we govern networks (e.g. Ethereum)? Principles of decentralization, (crypto)law, self-organization etc

  • What tools produce best results? On-chain + soft practices, decision making, execution, dispute resolution, radical markets etc

  • How are current networks governed. Upsides and downsides of different gogvernance models. Update the Governance family tree: Ethereum, MakerDAO, Cardano, Grin, Bitcoin, Polkdadot, Cosmos, Decred, MolochDAO governance case studies. Development on existent governance case studies though deeper analytics and interviews with network stakeholders.

  • What are most relevant problems for networks

  • Decreasing the governance costs (0%)

  • Making better decisions

  • Funding public goods

  • Increasing the amount and quality of interactions

  • Improve org experience

  • How to make collaborative strategies

  • Dgov Adoption

  • Research: Increase the probability and speed of consensus on protocol changes

    • Identifying the tensions

    • Creating proposals

    • Collecting the signals on the proposals

    • Presenting


  • Is it better? when?

  • What can be automated? What should be automated?

  • What is hardcoded, what is in templates?

  • How to make it better?

  • How to raise more awareness and adoption?

  • How to incentivize people to collaborate, rather then fork-off? How to overcome our competitive nature?

  • What would the onboarding process will look like? How to make it easy? (rather wrong and easy, than hard)

  • How to make this applicable for humans? – Grace works

  • How to optimize the process of proposing? – Grace works

  • How do we get the best, most inclusive solutions and honor everybody in the process? – Grace works

  • How do we stop thinking in "either/or" way?

Networks Foundations

Network Foundations (Ethereum Foundation, Internet Foundation, Decentralized Identity Foundation). Network is a type of organization focused on connecting members for collaboration and opportunities exchange.

  • Conduct researches on the topics

  • Research: Funding public goods

  • Partner with ISSDG

Decision making + Signaling



Collect market data

  • Regular Open workshops/groups in the ecosystem and community

    • Create Partnerships work (monthly working group call or else for more efficient research) #Governance (advisors, experts) Crash test / Ideation

  • Collect / Monthly review grant programs, hackathons, incubators / accelerators

  • (+Help scholars, ask them to help us with wiki etc)

Receive funding

  • Aragon Nest & Flock – Aragon Nest was launched to support projects building fundamental tools and infrastructure, largely around Aragon and Ethereum.

  • Moloch – A community DAO focused on funding Ethereum development, in the name of Moloch the God of Coordination Failure

  • EF & EFC

  • Commons Stack

Align with the market

Coops / DAOs




Policies (WIP)

  • Public Domain

  • Peer review

  • Vote for the researches

  • Find sponsors on specific researches

Donate even after the research is done‌

Track projects:‌

User journey



Purpose: coordinate to create consistency in the final report, avoid overlapping or underrepresentation of some topics or thoughts.

Kanban board (discontinued)


  • Review/Request edits of materials by authors

  • Managing the Scope of the report

  • Assignments (matching) of chapter/author