This is a collaborative research on Networks, Commons, Distributed Governance, DAOs, Smart Organizations, Digital cooperatives and overall digitalization of organizations. It contains technologies, case studies, frameworks etc. The purpose is to setup the base knowledge for the field, outline best practices and find the interoperability gaps.
Work is in progress with no final state – to be constantly updated and changed. Feel free to contribute with pull requests by clicking on the "edit on Github" button. Join the discussion!


Network Governance

Digital Coops & DAOs



This is a continuous effort with some milestones where we push the available state. Supported by contributors from Dgov Foundation, DAOincubator, DAOstack, Aragon, DAO Leadership, and many more.
Reviewers: Jacob Arluck, Andriy Khavryuchenko, Vahid Toosi, Wassim Alsindi, Richard Red, Tatu Kärki. Thanks for the feedback and improvements.
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